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Time dissolves the superfluous
but preserves the essence

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The road to the future is illuminated by the knowledge of the past

The project was born from over forty years of experience and passion in the audio field by Massimiliano Fozzi, in homage to his mentor, Joseph Bennet Blank, who initiated him to the magical world of sound.

Electronic engineer and holder of some patents of electromagnetic transducers, Joseph Bennet Blank was consultant of the most important Italian car manufacturers in the 50s, refined melomaniac and passionate about musical instruments.

Countless afternoons spent with Joseph Bennet Blank and his friends and colleagues playing and listening to music have given way to years of research and experimentation.

Using collaborators engaged in the field of physics and electronics and always in contact with artists and performers of musical works, Massimiliano Fozzi led the working group to acquire unique knowledge on technologies and materials rarely applied in the audio field.

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Our acoustic systems aim to create a sound balance that returns sensory aspects always sought. Through the Interactive Loudspeaker Monitors the user becomes the user of projects and technologies that define the absolute peak of Hi-End audio.

Bennet Blank deaf systems. use no-com-promise technology, disconnecting from what the market can offer today. Our systems are designed starting from the need to satisfy musicians and composers, who need a faithful reproduction of the event in acoustics while maintaining strict sonic standards regardless of the musical genre performed. Our sound leaves amazed in terms of detail and refinement never seen until now.

Bennet Blank hearing systems represent the profound integration between the physical world of sound and the interactive world of the digital state of the art. Bennet Blank acoustic systems represent the profound integration of the physical world of sound and the interactive world of the digital state of the art.

Listening to our systems you find yourself immersed in a world of sounds LIVE so far unreachable.

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​Advanced technology
It’s not that far from magic


Permanent remote control of the system performance through ROBOsoftware that analyzes in real time all the parameters of the operating regime of the Interactive Loudspeaker System with instant feedback to the remote service center.


Each system is calibrated in the listening environment of the customer through the most advanced and sophisticated room correction system.


Bennet Blank’s Interactive Loudspeaker makes the integration of the audio system into your listening room perfect and unique. The Bennet Blank Loudspeaker is the perfect way to integrate the audio system into your listening room.




The deep integration between the physical world and the interactive world of digital STATE OF THE ART ensures a dynamic sound in the absence of distortion timbrally unparalleled, together with powers above 6,000 watts with optimal damping factor for specially designed ultra linear drivers.

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Black Box
Sound Controller


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